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Sorry we no longer offer First Aid training


Firearms Safety Courses

Under the 10168NAT Course in Firearms Safety for weapons licensing in Queensland, we cater for the following firearms Categories; 

* Category A & B  $120

(ie. Rimfire Rifles, Single or Double Barrel Shotguns, Bolt Action Rifles, Air Rifles, etc.) 

* Category C  $150

(ie. Semi-Auto or pump action shotguns (no greater than 5 rounds. Semi-auto rimfire rifles (no greater than 10 rounds))

* more categories to come

* Category H  $120

(ie. Handguns, Semi-Auto Pistols, Revolvers, Black Powder Pistols, Air Pistols, Rimfire & Centrefire Pistols)

* Category D  $180

(ie. self-loading centre-fire rifle, self loading shotgun, self-loading rim-fire rifle)

Combine Category A/B and H in    

1 day  $150

More information on firearm categories may be found at Queensland Police Weapons Licencing page.

Our goal is to ensure all students become safe shooters. Learning the theory is one thing but putting it into practice is another, so we focus on your range day to ensure you are comfortable with the safe handling and use of a firearm. 

We will give you different types of firearms to use and unlike a lot of other courses, you won't just get 5 shots out of a .22 and you pass....!

We have highly skilled male and female instructors from varied backgrounds including Military, Policing, Customs, Emergency Services and other government bodies, so you are in safe hands. 

Firearms Tuition

* Basic marksmanship principals

* Advanced firearm skills

* Cleaning and maintenance
* Fault Finding
* Competition Training
* Reloading
* Holster proficiency

After you have completed your Firearm Safety Course, why not sign up for one of our skills workshops or we can also do one on one sessions and tailor it to your needs. 

For more competent shooters we also offer advanced skills, tactical training and long range shooting, etc. 

Contact us for prices and personalised programs.